That Solid Pump - Back & Biceps 1.24.17

Friday, January 27, 2017

Walks into the gym. Clear plan in mind of  going light and easy because it has been several weeks since my last back day before I went on vacation and returned with a two week cold. Turns on hip hop workout playlist on Spotify (not sponsored, just really tired of the same songs on Pandora and love all the different workout playlists). Then suddenly the music took me to a point of no return. Beast mode happened and I'm currently struggling to lift my arms to my desk to type this workout. I hurt, but I highly recommend changing up your music apps or playlists.

Allow me to you to a concept called drop sets. Essentially you perform a workout with weights until you are close to failure (can't lift anymore), and then drop to a lower weight and perform as many until you hit failure, or drop the weight again.

Warm up
 20 -  Light Wide Grip pull down
 20-  Light dumbbell

Perform the following in a drop set approach
3 times each or superset 3 rounds
Rest between each grouping!
15-20 Wide grip pull down
15-20 Straight arm push down

15-20 Cable rope rear delt rows
15-20 V bar pull down

15 Dumbbell curls
15-20 Upright cable rows

15 Barbell curls
15 Alternate hammer curl

Comment your favorite Spotify playlist on my Instagram photo!

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