5 Tips For Joining A Gym in 2017

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Happy 2017! If you have a goal to be healthier this year and have yet to join a gym keep reading. If you are at a gym you dread going to this can also be benefit to you.  At my gym the crowd has been heavy and will be for the next few weeks. So you aren't one to drop off and cancel your membership, here are some tips to think about before signing a gym contract or getting a membership.

1. Really see your options and trial them
Check out the gyms near home or work and get a week pass. Ask for a tour of the facility and talk numbers. Some gyms are built for sales to make commission and can be overly pushy. Be sure to be clear this is new to you and you are looking around first before making a decision. The reason you talk membership packages is to know if it will work with your budget.

2. Trial during the time you would regularly visit the gym
Now that you have a few gyms picked out, visit during the time you think you would normally go. Before work, during lunch, or after work with post work being the high volume time. When I worked at a gym I encouraged the prospective members to try out a class. This is a fun way to meet other members and get introduced to ideas for working out. For women, classes are the main reason they join a gym.

3. Have realistic expectations
I can't stress this enough! Just because you join a gym doesn't mean you will transform over night. Expect a process that takes time and effort to meet your goals. Expect to be sore. Expect the feeling of not wanting to go, or wanting to skip a rep or the last 5 minutes of cardio. You get what you put in. I wouldn't track process by the number on the scale but measure your progress by how your clothes fit!

4. Accept the free intro personal training session
If you haven't picked up weights in your life, or even if you have an idea of what to do. Always accept the free intro personal training session. This gets you introduced to machines or routine in the gym. You get to know the set up of the gym better, and you can always learn something out of the session. Don't be surprised if they try to get you signed up for training sessions. Let them know you want to think about it. You don't have to sign up if you don't want to.

I wish you the best of luck on your journey in the gym in 2017!

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