Shoulders & Triceps 12/1/16

Friday, December 2, 2016

Three times each superset
12 - Lateral raise
12- Front dumbbell raise

Three times each superset
10 - Arnold press
10 - Rear lateral raise
10 - Rear pulses

Three times each superset
10 - Barbell front raise
10 - Rope eye level  bulls

Three times superset
12 - Rope tricep extensions
12 - Bench dips
10 - Single arm cable extension

15 minutes steady state stair stepper

Over the years since I have shifted away from the fitness world social media, I had forgotten about CT Fletcher. Recently I rediscovered him on Netflix. It instantly took me back to my early mornings waking up listening to him while I did my 5am cardio before school and work. Through my shoulder workout I played a mix of different YouTube videos of him shouting affirmations. It was like a switch just went off and I wasn't too sore to lift or even feel my shoulder upset with me. I just cranked out this workout and wanted to keep going for another hour if my husband didn't drive. I've found myself the rest of the week playing CT in the background at my desk while I work. His style isn't for everyone but it makes me hungry for motivation and the need to better myself.

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