Quad focus 12/5/16

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Warmup: 20 light leg extensions

3 rounds superset
with 30 second rest between each round
10 - narrow stance squat jumps
12 - leg extensions
10 -15  one legged jumps

3 rounds sames as above
using the row machine stand facing away
place foot on seat and lunge
15 - row lunge each leg
10- switch lunge each leg

15 minutes HIIT on treadmill

1 minute walk
1 minute sprint
30 second skip on each side

I haven't felt this sore in my quads in a while, so it's safe to say this got me out of plateau. I also blame it on Lululemon retail therapy fueling my workout. I don't typically do plyos that often so I kept this short and sweet as I anticipated the aftermath to be somewhat brutal.

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