Leg Day 12/13/16

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Warm up: 20-30 leg extensions

Superset 4 rounds
15 - Cable squats
15 - Pop squats

Superset 3 rounds
12 - Single leg extensions (each leg)
12- Wide stance squat pulse holding 30lb dumbbell
12 - Single leg deadlift with dumbbell

Superset 4 rounds
12 - Using the row machine facing away single leg lunges (with out without holding weights)
15 - Laying on ground with feet on seat of row machine - hamstring curls

Superset 3 rounds
12 - Single to one side leg press (glute focus) each side
12 - Hamstring curls (regular machine)
15 - Assisted pull up machine single leg push downs

Steady state stair master for 15 minutes

Leg day won the Instagram story vote, if you don't follow I can be found as @stephanie_aynne! Yes, I just shared my quad workout as my last routine but I desperately need to avoid my upper body for a few more days. I slept really funky the other night (probably snuggling my dogs) and it hurts to raise my arms just to dress myself. I do have a shoulder routine saved from last week I never got around to posting so that is being saved while I may be out of a gym when I am on vacation. Stay tuned!

In other news, I have recently stocked up on warm gear from Lululemon and I am now addicted to the swiftly tech long sleeve tops. I recommend sizing up.

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