Abs 12/17/16

Monday, December 19, 2016

20 x 3 Ball sit ups
15 x 3 Crunches (weighted machine)
Superset with
15 X 3 Oblique twists (machine)

Superset the following 3 times
12 - Roman chair side bends both sides weighted
12 - Roman chair backside on pads sit ups
12- hanging leg raises ( If you don't have the machine, do laying leg raises)

Cardio - Steady state stairmaster for 15 minutes
followed with steady state bicycle for 15 minutes and moderate resistance

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It's like getting reunited with an old bestie. Abs and I use to be pretty tight, it actually was my favorite thing to train in and out of the gym. One day I was forced to break up with abs due to getting too defined for the bikini division but now and days it's all about doing what makes me happy.

Physique Update:  I woke up Saturday morning at my goal weight I have had for a while. I looked my leanest and pretty proud of getting there without any focus on tracking what I ate or forcing/ increasing workouts. I've enjoyed sharing my workouts here which makes me feel accountable and committed to getting to the gym and getting creative with my lifts. I did get a little help with favorite fat burner that Kyle had ordered a while ago and was forgotten about. When I found it in the cabinet cleaning, it was in the month of expiration so I couldn't let it go to waste. It helped significantly with my energy and mood but also nudged my progress in the right direction. We got a little dusting of snow and ice which caused my plans to finish the week strong for the first early Sunday morning  gym hours to get postponed. Kyle and I played it safe staying warm inside by the fireplace and football. We are pretty excited for the Buccaneers to have a decent season. 

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