Abs 12/17/16

Monday, December 19, 2016

20 x 3 Ball sit ups
15 x 3 Crunches (weighted machine)
Superset with
15 X 3 Oblique twists (machine)

Superset the following 3 times
12 - Roman chair side bends both sides weighted
12 - Roman chair backside on pads sit ups
12- hanging leg raises ( If you don't have the machine, do laying leg raises)

Cardio - Steady state stairmaster for 15 minutes
followed with steady state bicycle for 15 minutes and moderate resistance

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It's like getting reunited with an old bestie. Abs and I use to be pretty tight, it actually was my favorite thing to train in and out of the gym. One day I was forced to break up with abs due to getting too defined for the bikini division but now and days it's all about doing what makes me happy.

Physique Update:  I woke up Saturday morning at my goal weight I have had for a while. I looked my leanest and pretty proud of getting there without any focus on tracking what I ate or forcing/ increasing workouts. I've enjoyed sharing my workouts here which makes me feel accountable and committed to getting to the gym and getting creative with my lifts. I did get a little help with favorite fat burner that Kyle had ordered a while ago and was forgotten about. When I found it in the cabinet cleaning, it was in the month of expiration so I couldn't let it go to waste. It helped significantly with my energy and mood but also nudged my progress in the right direction. We got a little dusting of snow and ice which caused my plans to finish the week strong for the first early Sunday morning  gym hours to get postponed. Kyle and I played it safe staying warm inside by the fireplace and football. We are pretty excited for the Buccaneers to have a decent season. 

Leg Day 12/13/16

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Warm up: 20-30 leg extensions

Superset 4 rounds
15 - Cable squats
15 - Pop squats

Superset 3 rounds
12 - Single leg extensions (each leg)
12- Wide stance squat pulse holding 30lb dumbbell
12 - Single leg deadlift with dumbbell

Superset 4 rounds
12 - Using the row machine facing away single leg lunges (with out without holding weights)
15 - Laying on ground with feet on seat of row machine - hamstring curls

Superset 3 rounds
12 - Single to one side leg press (glute focus) each side
12 - Hamstring curls (regular machine)
15 - Assisted pull up machine single leg push downs

Steady state stair master for 15 minutes

Leg day won the Instagram story vote, if you don't follow I can be found as @stephanie_aynne! Yes, I just shared my quad workout as my last routine but I desperately need to avoid my upper body for a few more days. I slept really funky the other night (probably snuggling my dogs) and it hurts to raise my arms just to dress myself. I do have a shoulder routine saved from last week I never got around to posting so that is being saved while I may be out of a gym when I am on vacation. Stay tuned!

In other news, I have recently stocked up on warm gear from Lululemon and I am now addicted to the swiftly tech long sleeve tops. I recommend sizing up.

Healthy High Protein Lean Chili Recipe

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Chili season is here! With the help of the holy grail condiments, hot sauce and mustard for my fellow struggle (plain) chicken fit friends and my husband stirring the pot, we put together a healthy chili dinner that could turn into a winter meal prep idea!

Servings: 6

1 package of Lean Ground Turkey (2.5 lbs) but you can get a smaller package for less protein
1 can of Magic Chili Starter Texas Medium
1 can of Diced Tomatoes (I use the chili style by Great Value or Ro-Tel)
1 cup Franks Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce
1 can Corn
3 tbsp French's Yellow Mustard (they make a spicy if you want to kick it up a notch)

In a big pot dump all the ingredients except for the lean ground turkey. Cook the lean ground turkey with optional season for taste with galic powder, salt, cumin, and ground pepper. Once fully cooked add to the pot and let simmer for 20 minutes.

Shortcut** If you are lazy over cleaning a million dishes cook the ground turkey in the big pot first then dump everything and let simmer for 20 minutes.

Garnish is optional with mexican cheese and sour cream.

Macros: Calories: 394   Carbs:19g   Fat: 14g   Protein: 40g  Sugar: 5g

Quad focus 12/5/16

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Warmup: 20 light leg extensions

3 rounds superset
with 30 second rest between each round
10 - narrow stance squat jumps
12 - leg extensions
10 -15  one legged jumps

3 rounds sames as above
using the row machine stand facing away
place foot on seat and lunge
15 - row lunge each leg
10- switch lunge each leg

15 minutes HIIT on treadmill

1 minute walk
1 minute sprint
30 second skip on each side

I haven't felt this sore in my quads in a while, so it's safe to say this got me out of plateau. I also blame it on Lululemon retail therapy fueling my workout. I don't typically do plyos that often so I kept this short and sweet as I anticipated the aftermath to be somewhat brutal.

Shoulders & Triceps 12/1/16

Friday, December 2, 2016

Three times each superset
12 - Lateral raise
12- Front dumbbell raise

Three times each superset
10 - Arnold press
10 - Rear lateral raise
10 - Rear pulses

Three times each superset
10 - Barbell front raise
10 - Rope eye level  bulls

Three times superset
12 - Rope tricep extensions
12 - Bench dips
10 - Single arm cable extension

15 minutes steady state stair stepper

Over the years since I have shifted away from the fitness world social media, I had forgotten about CT Fletcher. Recently I rediscovered him on Netflix. It instantly took me back to my early mornings waking up listening to him while I did my 5am cardio before school and work. Through my shoulder workout I played a mix of different YouTube videos of him shouting affirmations. It was like a switch just went off and I wasn't too sore to lift or even feel my shoulder upset with me. I just cranked out this workout and wanted to keep going for another hour if my husband didn't drive. I've found myself the rest of the week playing CT in the background at my desk while I work. His style isn't for everyone but it makes me hungry for motivation and the need to better myself.
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