Back & Biceps 11.28.16

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Warm Up - 20 light wide cable pull downs

Superset 5 times
10 Wide cable pull downs
10 Reverse close grip pull down
10 Standing push down w/ straight arms

4 x 10 Rear lateral raise

Superset 4 times
10 Single arm dumbbell row
10 One arm pull down or use hammer strength

Superset 4 times
10 Incline dumbbell curls
10 Wide grip barbell curls
10 Close grip barbell curls

Superset 3 times
15 Hyper extensions ( the first I use no weight then do drop sets)
15 Kettle bell pull through / swing ( control movement squeeze glutes when momentum is forward)

15 minutes HIIT stair stepper (the little sister to the step master)


I've been playing around with the number of sets I do. If you are uncomfortable starting out try for three and you can try more next time. I had a lot of energy going into this workout, and there are days I have zero but going into the workout my goal is three and I can try for four or five.

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