Back & Biceps 11.28.16

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Warm Up - 20 light wide cable pull downs

Superset 5 times
10 Wide cable pull downs
10 Reverse close grip pull down
10 Standing push down w/ straight arms

4 x 10 Rear lateral raise

Superset 4 times
10 Single arm dumbbell row
10 One arm pull down or use hammer strength

Superset 4 times
10 Incline dumbbell curls
10 Wide grip barbell curls
10 Close grip barbell curls

Superset 3 times
15 Hyper extensions ( the first I use no weight then do drop sets)
15 Kettle bell pull through / swing ( control movement squeeze glutes when momentum is forward)

15 minutes HIIT stair stepper (the little sister to the step master)


I've been playing around with the number of sets I do. If you are uncomfortable starting out try for three and you can try more next time. I had a lot of energy going into this workout, and there are days I have zero but going into the workout my goal is three and I can try for four or five.

Leg Day 11.26.16

Saturday, November 26, 2016

I've decided I want to begin to share my workouts for accountability reasons and sharing my fitness side more frequent. Workout routines used to be some secret that could not be mentioned but now and days I'd love to share what I do in the gym. When I first started to get serious in the gym I kept a log and wrote down everything I did that day. I'll be doing something similar but I will not disclose the weights I am lifting unless I hit an epic personal record (aka PR). I do my best to attend the gym 3-5 times a week.  I'm not a personal trainer, CPR certified, power lifter, or prepping for a competition. I'd love feedback or suggestions for future fitness and workout related posts! 

Disclaimer: These are to be done at your own level, use your best judgment. If you are new to working out start light and reduce the amount of repetitions or sets until you get used to a regular regimen. Allow your body to adapt and increase the intensity as you get comfortable. 

Warm up: 5 minutes of stair master

Superset the following 
With band, squat skips to the side 15-20 each side x 4
Assisted pull up machine push downs 15 each leg x 4

Superset the following
Row machine laying on ground hamstring curls 12 x 4
Lunges using row machine free leg on seat sliding back in lungs 12 each leg x 4 
Hyperextensions 10 x 4

Superset the following 
Good mornings 10 x 4 
Pop squats with band 10 x 4 
Glute kick back 10 each leg x 4

15 minutes HIIT of treadmill. 

 Top: Under Armour Cold Gear similar | Pants: Align Pants 

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