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Thursday, June 23, 2016

So I've bit the bullet, canceled my current gym membership at the worst gym I have have joined, and started a new chapter at the new and awesome gym in town. I feel like I can breathe again (I mean no contract suffocation) and actually do cardio on a stair master. I couldn't wait another month to cancel my membership considering the high price to pay to break a contract but boy does it feel great to escape. They say a good relationship takes work and patience. This is not my excuse for why I haven't been blogging but I have been directing my focus lately on getting in to the gym routine, experimenting with classes, and playing in the kitchen with recipe ideas. I wanted to start with a clean slate and open mind to trying everything my gym has to offer. More blog posts to come on this!

  When you set off into a gym to achieve a healthier state or improve health, you should feel welcomed, comfortable stepping on the gym floor, and looking forward to your own personal "me" time. For the first time in two years I'm getting that feeling again. My old gym never gave that vibe. It was an odd crowd, the staff was very nosy, the gym was dark, hot, smelly, and lacked maintenance and updated equipment. Since I embarked on my fitness journey over 7 years ago, many gyms later, I had never encountered a gym that put off that feeling until now. I rarely went to the gym, found reasons why I didn't have the energy, or effort to make the out of the way drive worth it. If you are in a gym that gives these vibes, simply leave. Don't let gym staff tell you, that you cannot cancel. There is fine print, and fees to cancel ahead of contract but if finances allow and you cannot stand one more day in this bad environment there is no reason to make an unhealthy relationship with your health and fitness.

 Which leads me to this topic.. Opening a new gym door should be exciting, fun, refreshing, and maybe nerve wracking until you locate the machines or learn the class schedule. While you are beginning a new chapter in your book of health make it a positive one. You are more than welcome to be observant and take mental notes of the negatives you may encounter. Things like the person who doesn't wear deodorant, the really friendly social butterfly, or going to the gym during high volume hours. But do your very best not to spend too much attention to the bad. I recommend avoiding these negative thoughts because it could ultimately lead you into the road of excuses and avoidance. You are here to have a fresh start whether it be your first day or you've been living a fit life for decades.

  Do set goals or milestones you want to accomplish in the new gym. My gym has hoist machines which I swear are heavier than stated. I struggle with only one plate 20lbs, a similar machine in any other gym I could manage 40lbs without breaking a sweat. This is a mental challenge for me to let go of the past and ego. Maybe I will get to the claimed 40lb plate in a couple months. The other goal I set for myself is that I wanted to try all the classes that caught my eye and made me want to join sooner than later (this says a lot from a girl who use to refuse classes). I vowed I would even do some cardio here and there. Thanks to my husband liking the treadmill (one's that actually aren't broken like the old gym), I started holding pretend races in my head which has lead me to enjoy running a little more. I encourage you to pretend race the closest person on any cardio machine.

Make a game plan for every week. On Sundays, or Monday (my preferred rest day to avoid the big Monday crowd) I formulate a plan of attack for the week in the gym. I pick the group fitness classes that I want to take and then work a lifting/ cardio plan around that. I pick the classes first because, taking a barre class after you trained shoulder two days prior and legs yesterday is no fun. Spin or a dance class isn't a blast after leg day either. I also consider what social events, meetings, or tasks at work that may take first priority. Once I have a plan I write in my agenda, and if I successfully meet that goal I will highlight it and record the highlight of the workout, if I met a personal record, if I did cardio, etc.

 You may have a bad day in the gym here in there, which is normal. You may walk in to what you thought would be a hip hop class to only find out 2 dances in that the hip hop is never going to happen and you are taking a urbanized zumba class, keep going (true story) this is only just the beginning.

Let me know if you would like to see work outs, lifting schedules, or highlights on new fit things I am trying out.

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