Sephora VIB April Sale Top Picks

Thursday, April 7, 2016

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April 8th through the 13th is Sephora's Semi-Annual VIB Sale! If you hold the status of VIB or VIB Rouge you will receive 15% your entire purchase with promo code: VIBNOTE at checkout! I was gifted a Sephora gift card for my birthday and I have been counting the days to this sale. It was pure torture but I am glad the day is finally here I can complete the transaction of all the items I have been holding in my shopping cart. The left side of the image above is all the items that are my tried and trues I must restock on. To the right is all the items I've been dying to try after thoroughly researching.

1. Becca Champagne Pop - I mean this was created by Jacklyn Hill the Queen of a killer highlight. Need I say more? I dust this on with a fan brush daily.

2. Tartelist in Namaste - This is my holy grail nude matte lip. The formula is non-drying and it has a creamy whipped feeling. 

3. The Make Up Eraser - I love me some make up wipes to help the process of removing my mask of make up but this really one up's facial wipes. It doesn't require any soap or eye make up remover. It magically removes 2 layers of waterproof mascara! I am hooked and plan to buy 2 more to rotate through the week. I have tried the Sephora dupe but it just doesn't compare.

4. Kat Von D - Lock It Foundation - I have alot of redness, uneven tones, and scars from years of acne. I prefer a full coverage matte foundation to perfect my flaws and keep my oil slick at bay. 

5. Tom Ford - Velvet Orchid -  The most intriguing scent I have ever came across.  It holds a more mature and sophisticated scent than my perfume collection but I am glad I picked it up.   I will repurchase this when I run out! I highly recommend if you are looking for something different! 
        ( Keep reading to 8 for a best kept secret!)

6. Kat Von D - Tattoo Liner in Trooper - I had always been a Stila girl for a eyeliner marker but my goodness, this is a game changer! I love the matte finish and the tip doesn't get funky or less firm over multiple uses. 

7. Anastasia Beverly Hills - Brow Wiz - By now everyone has heard about this revolutionary brow pencil, unless you've been living under a rock. Even my husband knows how much I rely on this product to complete my face or do the bare minimum. I use the color taupe!

8. Sephora Perfume Sampler - I call this the best kept secret for fragrance at Sephora. If more people knew about it, I think Sephora would be going bankrupt because it is such a value! You first purchase this box that comes with 15 samples, take your time trying them out. Eliminate or give to friends the scents you dislike. The hardest part is picking one scent. Then take the voucher to Sephora or use the code online to get a full size bottle! I actually travel with the little samples and keep one in all my handbags. It costs $65 and the best part is I selected the Tom Ford Velvet Orchid which retails at $80. I first purchased one last year for my mom's birthday and was really jealous when she kept raving about how hard it was to pick one fragrance. I now know why. 

9. Hourglass Ambient Bronze - I have found myself swatching this every Sephora trip. I need to pull the trigger on purchasing this in Luminous Bronze. I have seen Briana Stanko highlight this a few times in her videos and it has wonderful reviews.

10. Elizabeth and Jame -Nirvana Black Dry Shampoo - The best invention ever was dry shampoo but making it have a great fragrance takes it to the next level. I have tried it in store and fell in love.

11. Kevyn Aucoin - Sculpting Powder - Nikki Tutorials uses this constantly, and since I have fair skin like Nikki, I value her opinion on contouring. Not all contouring pallets were made for everyone. I have had my Anastasia Contour Kit for 2 years and still have a ton of product remaining of the bronze shades because they are too dark. I'm excited to get this product as it blends like a dream and will be a better match with my pale skin. 

12. Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Perfume - This was my runner up in the fragrance selection for the sampler feature. I continue to use the sample and decided I just need to add this to my perfume collection. This is another sexy smell but not as bold as the Tom Ford.  

13. Vita Liberata Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask - I'm really interested in this product, not only does it work as a night time moisturizer, but it self tans the face. I shield my face from the sun so I can get a sunkissed look with out the damage, it is worth a shot. 

14. Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme - There is no real reason I haven't added this to my make up collection other than I am really dedicated to the Kat Von D Lock It Foundation. I have requested a sample to  take home and match in natural sunlight and I was amazed by the formula and coverage.

I'd love to here what your top picks are for the sale! Tell me in the comments!


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