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Thursday, April 28, 2016

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When I find myself in a fashion meltdown for work or have customer meetings I always find myself throwing on a structured dress. It is graduation season (congrats!) and when I first graduated two years ago I found myself loving work wear dresses but had the challenge of making it work with my budget. I love the shape of these dresses because they are flattering with many body types without being too tight as a distraction, forgiving when I had too much tex-mex for lunch, and the appropriate length. My first structured dress I actually found at Goodwill and it was a Rebecca Taylor, I found another at Forever 21, and then I found myself in department stores once I got a feel for what others wore in the office. I am known to overdress, but that is because I dress for the job I want, not the job I have. My coworkers joke around that I'm going to interviews when I walk in wearing my dresses. My goal is to one day splurge on some girl boss pieces, so I thought I'd share different price points for the same look depending on your business level. 

Girl Boss

Career Woman


I am always looking for new designers to check out for work wear. What are your favorites?

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