DIY Bridal Bouquet On A Budget

Friday, April 22, 2016

I am so glad I can stand proud that I was a hands on bride. I was heavily involved in planning my wedding in every little detail. I also work in project management, so handling a project like such is what I do best.  Reminiscing back 6 months later I am so proud of how I accomplished my vision.

After receiving quotes back from the most desired trendy florists in the area, then reassembled my jaw back in place, I had the mission of doing my own flowers on my mind (okay, and saving a boat load of money). I like flowers but not enough to drop the equivalence of a Chanel bag. Let alone, a bride's bouquet is the price of a Kate Spade bag. I am going to break this topic up in to two posts because I feel it is too much to cover in just one post. This is my take on the bouquets.

I spent hours scouring the internet for tips and tricks to get the look I insisted on. Pinterest then a few Youtube videos later I felt confident in the job I was taking on. I consoled in my bridal party, mothers, and some friends that had done their own wedding flowers before I started shopping around and then broke the news to the florist I would have hired. Depending on where you live, the price may be the same as having a florist. Compare both before making a final decision!

* If you are having a destination wedding this task can be a challenge. Approach this at ease unless you have friends and family in the area that can provide buckets, scissors, and other supplies you typically wouldn't travel with. 

1. Collect photos of your desired looks. You will need this before getting quotes from florists or shopping around so they/ you know your style you want and can give a more accurate quote.
These two were my inspiration. I wanted bright pops of color and loose flowing silver dollar eucalyptus. 

2. Know what is in season and compromise! If you want peonies out of season you are going to need a healthy budget. However, you can improvise with a garden rose which isn't as expensive. I made another compromise and went with regular roses through trial learned when they are more open and mimic a small garden rose. I also wanted dahlia's, so I replaced them with mum's (October wedding).

3. Money talks. Quote flowers from wholesale flower shops, Sam's Club online, Costco, Online wholesalers, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, or ordering through a florist.  I went with Sam's Club for a majority of my flowers then got a variety of flowers for bouquets from Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. 

4. Supplies. If you have enough time to plan you can get your supplies when Michael's Craft Store, Joann Fabrics, or Hobby Lobby has a sale on their floral department to get supplies. I did get ribbon 50% off at Michael's ( Buy extra and return any leftovers after the wedding!).  Also try to get extra flower food from your local grocery store.

5. Plan and order. Plan how many flowers you will need depending on how many bridesmaid you have, if doing centerpieces (will discuss topic in a separate post) , and compile it into a spreadsheet or make your own graph to plan out how many for each bouquet/ centerpiece. This will guide you to know the total of flowers you will need. If ordering from Sam's Club I recommend ordering 4 weeks out! This allows proper processing and the flowers to arrive 2 days prior to your wedding. I highly suggest arrival 2 days out.. which leads me to the next topic

6. When your flowers arrive / Go shopping for flowers.  I had my flowers arrive on Thursday morning. They were at my doorstep at 9 AM. * I did get the time of delivery confirmed by FedEx for my neighborhood to ensure I would be home to sign and wouldn't get ruined by the Florida heat.  As soon as you can, get the flowers out of the boxes and into water.

Now on to the fun stuff!

 Steps of Assembly:

1. Mix flower food in buckets of water. *Pick up extra packets from your grocery store for bouquets

2. Free the flowers from the boxes. You will want to remove any thorns and cut an inch off the ends. The major key is to remove any foliage/ leaves that would be submerged into water. This invites bacteria to grow in the water. Then place in buckets of water. 

3. Go run more wedding errands while you let the flowers hydrate.

The flowers I had ordered from Sam's Club were packaged great and had little bags of water tightly fastened on the end of the stems. I let them settle for 3 hours while I went to get accent flowers for the bouquets. When I returned the hydrangeas were much fuller.

 I would have only gotten eucalyptus if i did it over again. The bottom photo, filler was hardly used.

4. Start with the biggest flower, for me is the hydrangea which works as a filler and helped place flowers in the bouquet. Then work in threes. As in adding in 3 similar flowers even placed. I did get mums to add more size to the bouquet.

5. Add the filler! I then surrounded the bouquet with filler. I use mostly eucalyptus not only for the calming scent but the whimsical appearance it added to the bouquets. ( I am not a perfect symmetrical bouquet fan.)

6. Once happy with the appearance, I'd recommend having someone photograph you holding the bouquet or have a bridesmaid hold it so you can decide if you are happy with the look. If you are happy, then proceed with wrapping the bouquet with floral tape to keep everything in place. Cut the stems. Then finish with a ribbon. I'd recommend adding the ribbon the day of so they do not get wet.

7. Lastly put in water and store bouquets in the fridge if possible. Check with your location of ceremony, as I later found out there was a fridge just for flowers in the bridal suite. I could have stored the flowers over night and never had to hassle with it in the morning, meaning more time to relax the day of.

Here is the final result!

Photos by Cat Pennenga Photography

This project can be overwhelming depending on the bride. I had plenty of people around to help but once I got started I used the extra hands to cut, tape, and model. I enjoyed the company the most since I don't get to see everyone all in the same place. Enjoy the process!



  1. Those are certainly some beautiful bouquets! This just shows how simple it really is to do your own wedding flowers... it's not something you have to be afraid of. As long as you have some sort of basic sense of what looks good and what doesn't, you're sure to end up with something that looks decent at the very least.

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