5 Tips To Getting Summertime Ready

Monday, April 11, 2016

The first day of Summer is June 20th, but in my own opinion it comes around the last week of May. It could be I am only 2 years into post grad life, but I can't help but get excited when I see Memorial Day creeping closer on the calendar. In the professional world is a PTO day (woot!). While there is still time, I wanted to share 5 tips to getting your body to bikini, tank top, and sundress ready.

1. Fooducate yourself
I cannot stress enough on researching the food you put in your body. Educate yourself on healthier food options. Say you're a taco enthusiast, you would look to have a whole wheat tortilla or low carb tortilla and a lean ground turkey or beef. Luckily having hot sauce in your bag won't dent your health as it is low sodium and keeps boring chicken more enjoyable. If you aren't a pro at reading nutrition labels, there are phones apps like fooducate where you scan a barcode on an item and it will grade it and explain why.

Sports Bra - C9 Champion | Shorts - Nike  (these are old but same color)

2. Change your perspective 
I'm starting to come around to this idea of trying new approaches to fitness and so far I'm loving it and my body is reflecting the change of pace. This year, I set as an initiative to change my unhealthy relationship with the gym. I ventured into the world of group fitness classes with the focus on pilates and barre. Barre provides a total body workout with a boost of cardio. I am guaranteed to be sore the following day from class. Where as, my current lifting routine doesn't leave me feeling sore or completely satisfied. The point I am making, if you are a cardio bunny go lift or get into a class. If you only lift get into doing some cardio, or a group fitness class. If you only do fitness classes try lifting weights and cardio. 

3. Ab work makes the swimsuit work
Tightening your core can flatten the stomach and bring strength to your core. It can improve posture but what is more exciting is that it can also improve how you look in a bikini. I once was best friends with abs and one day a coach made me break up with them. Now that I feel back to my normal state before bodybuilding competitions, I have warmed up to the idea of training them again.  Pilates and barre has taught me some new moves and I've seen a huge improvement. It also has given me motivation to shop for bikinis and count down the days until the pool opens up. 

4. Recycle and update
Some tops I wore two years ago may be hardly worn because I didn't feel confident in the item. I may never fit some shorts from college but they are still in trend, consign them!  If your budget allows, recycle some of your old summer pieces that may get loved more by someone else by selling them on Poshmark or to Plato's Closet to make room for some new summer staples. Update your closet to show off your hard work and what you will feel most confident in. If your budget does not allow it, try swapping outfits with a friend.

Top - Adidas | Shorts - Lilly Pulitzer | Shoes - Jack Rogers | Sunglasses - Ray Bans

5. Get outdoors or fake it
Now that springs is here, the weather is warmers, and the sun is out longer, get outdoors! After applying SPF get a dose of vitamin D. Ride a bike, walk in the park, take a hike. I like to get on the golf course, not only does this trigger sweating and releasing toxins from the body but it's an activity to keep me active and take advantage of the nice weather. When winter comes back around, you won't regret it. Now since I wear clothing to protect me from the sun, SPF, and stay in the shade when available I use a bronzer to fake a tan. Every body looks better with a tan, but it won't stay that way in 20 years. You will never see me intentionally tanning. I've learned from years in dermatology to avoid the sun from wrinkles and skin cancer but to enjoy the outdoors safely. I love this self tanner by St. Tropez (use VIBNote, BINote, or RougeNote to get 15% or 10% off purchase until 4/12 for BI and 4/13 for VIB/ Rouge)! For a more affordable option, I do like Jergens Instant Sun Foam.

Tips to applying a foam self tanner -

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