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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

When I first imagined myself competing and getting the best body ever I only imagined the physical and mental requirements but I never imagined what could be the my bank account needed to look like. I recently was  in a conversation with coworkers talking about our hobbies, and they all agreed that hobbies can cost a fortune but they are well worth every penny.

Reality struck my college sophomore budget when I realized the true cost it took to compete in my first NPC competition. I competed during my sophomore and junior year in college. I was going to school full time and worked 2 - 3 jobs in addition to living in the gym. I am here to share some outlined items that I recommend including when you go to set a budget for your first or 10th fitness competition.

1. Gym Membership
2. Food
3. Supplements
4. NPC or Fitness Federation Membership for the year
5. Competition Suit / heels
6. Tan
7. Jewelry
8. Make Up
9. Hair
10. Travel
11. Hotel
12. Competition fee

If you are competing at a show that is far, I recommend trying to share the room or a cab ride with a competitor you can trust to make the travel piece more affordable. I would caution sharing a room with a competitor in your class that you have never met. Unfortunately there have been cases of girls getting their belongings stolen and making it impossible to compete. There are also good people that will share their belongings.

I do not regret competing or the money I worked hard to put into what I was really passionate about.
Please comment any other questions you may have about competing!


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