Trying New Fitness Methods

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Since freshmen year in college, I have pretty much flown solo in the gym. I did work a few months at a  all womens gym in sales. The only time I took a group fitness class was when a member or potential member was interested in the class but didn't have the courage to go alone. Those days are long gone, and I have only taken 2 hot yoga classes since.

My best friend had started going to a Pilates and Barre studio locally then raved about her experience. She invited me to come try a class with her. At first I was hesitant because I have never been open to the idea of group fitness classes since my fitness routine has worked for me for several years now. I began to research the benefits and watched a few YouTube videos to get familiar with Pilates and the benefits. I soon found myself interested and booking my first class.

During my first class I discovered muscles in my abs and glutes that I have never activated through my weight lifting routine. In the class most of the exercise revolved around a ball. My glutes even had a spasm towards the end of class. I enjoyed a new challenge, the class was not easy.  It was refreshing to try something I never would consider. My second class, we used the magic ring, which took me two days to recover from in my thighs and arms. This past weekend, I found myself easily signing up for more classes. I even asked my friends after class, if they wanted to try a barre class this week.

Moral of the story, don't be afraid to try new fitness methods. I was so small minded about my gym life I always turned up my nose at the thought of a fitness class. You are not better than a new fitness experience. Now I am eager to get assessed to take a reformer class! I can't wait to check back in with Pilates and Barre updates! 

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