Waisted Wednesday: Waist Trainers Don't Deserve The Hype

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

You might have seen the Kardashians wearing these waist trainers, which doesn't mean you should follow the trend. You can achieve a smaller waist in a healthier approach by eating right and exercising. There is no quick fix that is sustainable. This post is late in the day for my weekly Waisted Wednesday post but this came on my facebook feed this evening and ironically right after I started to see several girls posting photo's in these. I seen a comment asking if she got hers from the Kardashian's endorsement because she wanted one. I cringed and then hurt for these girls that are desperate to follow trends that society finds attractive or beautiful. There are so many young girls going to extreme measures to have unnatural curves. This is a sensitive subject because I once swore by these before I caused myself so much damage.

When I competed in bodybuilding competitions, I was told by my coaches, if I wanted a winning body then I would wear a waist trainer 24/7 and stop training abs. I had a tiny waist when I started with these coaches and a six pack from training myself from research. I also knew very little about these waist trainers being the secret weapon of these popular bodybuilding teams. It was almost like it was Voldemort (that waist device that shall never be spoken of). I never questioned my coaches theories and methods because they produced so many IFBB bikini pros. I made many sacrifices because I was so driven for a trophy and earn a pro title. I lived in these for over a year when I was in my last year of bikini competitions. I honestly wore more than one at a time in the smallest size I could get. The compression of wired waist trainers are so intense it weakens the core. I lost my shredded abs that I had worked so hard for in my first year in fitness. There was a point where my coaches told me to wear three at a time. I lost the feeling in my hips, I had severe acid reflux, rashes would come and go, bruising occurred, shortness of breath, mood swings, and sleeping was always a battle. When removed, my waist would stay tiny for about two days then return to it's natural shape. This gave me enough time to lose the indentions, get a spray tan for my competition, and get on stage before my normal form would return. During this time in my life I was a premed student and I worked in a doctor's office. I was too afraid to ask what the harm of wearing these was. After my 9th competition, I had enough with it all. A light was shed by a doctor from my University that is well respected in the bodybuilding industry and had many high profile clients with the same issues I was having. I can't recommend Dr. Layne Norton enought to competitors that are on cookie cutter diets and hours of cardio. I put my health and grades first and put the squeems and competition suit out of sight.

You can see the marks it left when removed.
*Competition photo is two weeks into training with the coaches after prepping myself for this show.
With clothes on it was noticeable. I used the excuse it was a back brace if anyone ever asked.
This was my last competition. My waist is small but my abs were 90% gone.

It was when I began working for a plastic surgeon I learned the medical intentions for waist trainers and received the ugly truth. These are only recommended by a doctor postpartum, or to aid healing after a tummy tuck/ liposuction procedure. I brought some in for him to check out and advise these were too aggressive for his own patients. Sometimes you have to learn lessons the hard way but I can recommend saving your money and be healthy the right way. Your most important and beautiful curve is your smile.



  1. Crazy. I honestly had no idea that waist cinchers actually change your body... I thought it was just something you wear to make your body look good temporarily. Like a padded bra or something.


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