Waisted Wednesday: I Struggle To Hit My Macros

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

" I struggle to hit my macros" is a term I myself state when I first start to focus closely to my numbers and also hear from others. It is pretty common to struggle when you first start tracking what you eat with goal numbers to hit in mind.

This is something that I have learned and again learning the same lesson over again. I am here to admit I am not perfect when it comes to hitting an exact number. There are times I don't come close to my daily goals, and then there are days I exceed my goals by way too much. It's hard to accept that mastering hitting your macros for the day doesn't happen over night. Just like results this takes time.

In one week you can track what are your strengths and weaknesses. Do you eat too many carbs? Not enough protein? Too much sugar? If you are logging your foods in my fitness pal you can look at the days you weren't so successful and observe what items that can be causing this problem. Then decide, do you keep eating this item because you can't live with out it or ditch it to fix the problem.

One initiative I have taken to improve hitting my numbers is keeping them written everywhere visual. I start and end my day at my toothbrush so I keep a sticky note in the drawer I store my toothpaste. I am at work 5 days a week, my macro numbers are taped to my desktop. I use my phone several times a day, in my notes I have stored my macros. I think you get the hint but this is a good reminder through out the day to get you adjusted to memorize your numbers.

Even on your unhealthy days, hitting your macros are possible. Don't skip logging your meals after a bad meal because you think the results will end badly. Last night, after my husband's hockey game I confessed I had been craving a Crunch Wrap from Taco Bell. ( I know.. Where in the world is this craving coming from? In high school it was my favorite food.) I didn't think I would hit macros as he questioned if we should stop for one, but once a month these strange things happen, and so do miracles. I hit my macros perfectly and I hadn't even logged a single meal due to being extremely busy at work. Moral of the story still log your food, and keep in mind life happens (it perfectly okay to live a little).

What are your tricks to hitting your macros? I'd love you hear how you conquered your struggles!

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