Waisted Wednesday: 4 Tips To Boycotting Leggings During The Holidays

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wednesday may be known as hump day but maintaining our waists during the holidays calls for a Waisted Wendesday. The holiday season creates a challenge for us to resort to leggings and baggy trend name 'oversized' sweaters. It doesn’t have to be that way. I mean I love leggings and all but I always have my jeans to be brutally honest with me and remind me that my holiday eating behaviors need to get in check.

A total of four pies baked and a Turk-Mas celebration (in between both holidays) with my family two weeks ago, I couldn't keep this topic to myself. Here are 4 tips to keep your jeans fitting great during the holidays!

1. Embrace the gym leggings! This is the only opportunity you SHOULD be excited for leggings is actually wearing them into the gym, an aerobics class, doing yoga at home, running outdoors, and depending on your heart rate this may be acceptable for shopping. Yes, I count shopping as cardio.

2. Drink plentiful amounts of water! During the holidays season we get so busy we tend to forget about our health. This is when our immune systems are not in their best state. Drink plenty of fluids! Drink atleast 8 ounces of water 8 times a day. I always keep a couple of bottle in my car and at my desk. This is also great for your metabolic rate. Drinking water helps you keep full and eat less than what you really need to.

3. When in doubt vodka is the answer. I am not promoting drinking but there are typically cocktails that are involved by the holiday season. If you are of the drinking age, at holiday parties opt for vodka has 65 calories per ounce versus whiskey or rum that clocks in at 83 pre mixer.  A normal serving of wine (depending on varietal) has 112 calories and bud light has 110. Be wise on what you fancy to sip on.

4. Plan your meals accordingly. If you know you have a dinner party that will probably be unhealthy or a holiday party where there will be more than enough to drink, plan your meals anticipating that. Pick healthier options, such as a salad and soup over a burger. Trade your fries for veggies, or find healthier snacks like cucumbers and hummus to graze on.

May your holidays be festive, fit, and fun!


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