Waisted Wednesday: 15 Minute Abs With Video

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Hello fit friends! I am back with another Waisted Wednesday for you! This week is an actual core workout designed to be achieved in less than 15 minutes.  If an exercise can be done in a gym I will mark an asterisk next to you, otherwise this can be done at home, on your lunch break, or watching your favorite tv show. Please approach these work outs keeping your level of fitness in mind. Your form is more important than how much you think you are capable of lifting! When applicable I will use some of my videos as an example for those visual learners. When I first started in the gym learning new exercises and they way they are termed was difficult to understand.

Do each exercise in a sequence then repeat. The range is your goal of repetitions that you can tolerate.  You will do each exercise once with short rests (less than one minute).

Crunches – 10-15 X 4

Standing or *Leaning Side Bends  - each side 10-15X4  ( You can incorporate weights!)
Leaning Side Bends Example

Laying or Hanging Leg Raises – 10-15 X 4
Laying Leg Raises - begin viewing at 0:23 in video

Hanging Leg Raises - begin viewing at 0:36 in video  


Victory Toe Touch – 10-15 X 4
Victory Toe Touchbegin viewing at 2:42 in video

Good luck on this workout! Please leave me a comment of what type of workouts you would like to see next!


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