NPC Nationals: Competition Thoughts

Monday, November 23, 2015

This past weekend was NPC Nationals, and I still love to watch the sport of bodybuilding evolve. Whenever there is a national show I like to see who places in the top 5, what the competition/ favorable physiques are like, and the best part is to see some of the girls I met while competing or inspired to compete. Ultimately leaving me with the itch to compete again.

I would first like to congratulate Nicole Mudafort on winning her IFBB Figure Pro Card. She competed with me in my 2nd competition, The NPC Sunset Classic in 2011. We trained in the same gyms over the years and she never gave up on her goal or physique. She will be a great addition to the Pro Figure division.

Another top contender in the bikini division is Aria Adamy, who was my teammate when I was still competing. She halted her training with that team with the same results I ended with and moved onto get her metabolism back to health training under  Layne Norton, who was done research at my university and has made a 360 to the bodybuilding industry. Layne is close with a personal friend of mine and I can only hope if or when I make it back to the competition that I can train under him. Aria has maximized her calories and changed her training and have been able to place top 5 this past weekend! We use to train intense with super sets, 1000 calories, and hours of cardio under a cookie cutter "guru" plan. I am really excited for how far she has come and the transformation she made. I can only hope other competitors come to realization of the danger and can look to Aria as a role model.

Moving on to the competition, I want to dedicate this post to the bikini division since that is my area of interest. The first point I'd like to make is that I love the Sandy Williamson is still a head judge. She is in favor of blondes and keeps us minority in the top 5. When I moved onto the national level stage, I was told by coaches that blonde hair would not place as well as brunettes. If I chose not to dye my hair then I would have to compete when Sandy was judging, which wasn't at ever national show. She typically judges at Nationals, USAs, and Jr.USAs (maybe Jr. Nationals). Meaning she is not a judge at Team Universe or IFBB North Americans.

The physiques this year appeared to be harder than the past years with the "soft" look. Most top contenders had more defined abs, a tighter waist, toned but not overly muscular legs, and glutes with the "tie-ins". Some of the first place girls I noticed did not have significantly capped shoulders which was surprising to me. I believe the winning look shadowed the standard that Ashley Kaltwasser IFBB Bikini Pro has set.  The overall winner, Alyssa Germeroth was absolutely stunning. She looks very similar to Brittany Taylor who won overall at 2014 Jr. Nationals.

The competition is growing more interest in the division, but the amount of girls that compete at national shows seems to be around 40 competitors in the common height classes which hasn't changed over the last 3 years. Without a doubt seeing how fierce the competition is, I can't help but get the itch to get back on stage. For now, I will keep my training as is in the gym as I am just diving back into a training routine with the dream and motivation to get back to where I left off.

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