First Day Back In The Gym

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Wow! Does it feel amazing to be back in a gym after 5 months off. Part of me was super excited like it was the first day back to school and the other part of me was anxious because  I had a beginners feeling. As I walked on to the gym floor, I had the moment of asking myself where do I even begin. That's when I had an Ah-ha moment and wanted to lay out some rules or tips when beginning your journey in the gym!

1. Be Brave! I mean you already got through the door and onto the big scary gym floor.

2. Warm up!!!! After you make your way onto the gym floor you want to get on the treadmill for 5 minutes. When you move on to lifting you will want to start your first set as a warm up. Meaning go very light for 15-20 repetitions.

3. Drink up. Please do not forget to hydrate. If you make yourself dehydrated your muscles can cramp. Drinking water aids in weight loss and attaining results.

4. Don't go overboard. Perhaps you are familiar with an exercise routine you did years ago. By no means does that mean to try to get back to the level you were once at the first day back in the gym. On my first day back I do 4 - 5 exercises and lifting light very manageable weight.

5. Results don't happen over night. Repeat the next day. If you can make it to the gym 4 times in the first two weeks it will become a habit and much easier. Results don't happen in one day you must work for it!

6. Watch yourself before you wreck yourself. What I mean is, watch yourself in the mirror. Look to see if you are lifting properly with good form. If you are jerking your body in the mirror reduce your weight.

7. If you do cardio, limit yourself to only 15 - 20 minutes and gradually increase your time over the next couple of weeks. Lifting and cardio for an hour each is not ideal when first starting a gym routine.

On the left is after my first 2 months in the gym ever, and on the right is 3 years of going to the gym religiously and competing for the first time at a National NPC Competition - Team Universe  - placed 13th

These may come off cliche but returning to the gym after a long break I always have to remind myself so I didn't make the mistake of an injury that could have been avoided if I followed these steps. After my past in fitness competitions I even struggle with getting into a routine when long breaks are taken.



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