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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

When I first got engaged I immediately started to following brides and recently married bloggers and youtubers. I noticed that the brides close to their wedding would stress about fittings leading up to the wedding. I am here to share what I am currently eating to keep my dress friendly shape.

Quick history if you are new to my blog or youtube channel (if not, skip to the next paragraph), I found THE dress at a sample sale. I knew what designer I liked most after some years on pinterest saving styles I like (yes, single ladies this is normal and acceptable). I came home that day with the dress of my desired style but it needed a lot of alterations.  I paired up my fittings with the biggest loser contest at work that I won. I lost 15 pounds, and my dress fitting was the day after my final weight-in back in June.

For the last few months, I have been staying with in the range of my final dress fitting weight with 5 pound that fluctuates. Was this one of my more crazy ideas, perhaps. However, if I would have kept eating the way I was, I would be in a lot of trouble now writing this.  My best advice is don't worry too much about the number on the scale but how you feel in your dress. At the time of my last fitting I was going to the gym 5 days a week and lifting heavy. The issue I was having with my routine back in June, was that my back was making a lot of improvements, as in making gains (building muscle) like I have always been struggling with. However, the muscle gain was not friendly to the closure of my dress. What did I do...

A month before we closed on our house, I had stopped going to the gym. The locations close to my house I was locked in a paid in full membership got shut down and was no longer convenient for me to go to the location 45 minutes from the house. I only had one month left and that entire month was consumed by coming home to my 6 week old puppy I just rescued or packing up the house. I considered playing with my dogs running around in the back yard with them, and packing going up and down the stairs in the house made up for missing the gym.

Of course I have considered starting back up at a gym the closer the wedding gets and even begged several times for buying a power rack for our garage. I still have not found a gym I like and after shelling a lot of money into memberships over the last two years with 3 states of  moves and cancellations I want to be sure when and if I join it will be a gym  I can call home and being completely satisfied with. I have stayed active by walking 3 dogs 3-4 times a day around my new neighborhood. Kyle and I made an insane decision to install our own fence in our backyard. We saved over $4,000 by doing it ourselves and it was not an easy task. Every weekend for a month we worked on our quarter of an acre fence.

 Diet and how you eat honestly is key to getting ready for a big event that you want to look your best for. I have stayed very consistent with my "diet" by keeping my calories at a tolerable level. I also eat carbs in a cycle which is known as carb cycling. I eat higher carbs every other day or every two days. On lower carb days, I stop eating carbs in the afternoon.

For breakfast I enjoy a piece of fruit with peanut butter like a banana or apple. Some days I will have a high fiber or high protein Thomas English muffin with 2 egg whites, and low fat cheese. I may make egg whites to go in a traveling glass bowl with some spinach, feta cheese, or asparagus ( I microwave them to go while I pack up my work bag for the day) then I’m out the door.

 I have became a  huge fan of Evol frozen meals which are mostly preservative free, non-GMO, and grass fed beef/ free range chicken. Lean Cuisine is also starting to follow this trend. Stauffer’s Fit Kitchen, is another frozen meal Kyle has really likes because it is satisfies his appetite and breaks down the percentage of macros. I am not wild about a time consuming meal prep, but I will bake up chicken for a couple of days and make a big salad and portion it out to make a couple or lunches or dinners. I also love packets of flavored tuna with an avocado.

I typically will eat cucumber slices, celery, or sugar snap peas as an easy snack at my desk. I love greek yogurts for snacks, my favorite is the Chobani Kids in watermelon and berry that come in tubes like go-gurt (extra points if it is frozen). Bananas, grapes, apples, oranges, and watermelon have been my summer go to for an afternoon snack when I start craving sugar.

Dinner can be the bigger challenge because by the end of the day I am mentally exhausted from work then have wedding planning to tackle or unpacking the house.  Kyle’s schedule can be crazy with work, golf, or hockey it is hard to plan meals but we still find time to sit down together for a meal most days. We may settle for a salad with protein, an asian style dish with jasmine rice, chicken or ground turkey, and veggies, or roasted veggies with chicken.

My best advice is to always have meals or items to cook ready for the next day. If I miss going to the grocery store for a couple days I may find myself at the Chick-Fila drive through. There are healthier options out there that are quick to get via drive thru's but I am best at staying dress ready by planning ahead of time and having meals or snacks ready for the next couple of days. 

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