A Week Without A Kitchen

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I feel like I am the biggest failure when I don't have my meals prepped and planned. I find it makes it a challenge to calculate and hit my macros as closely as possible. Moving week is finally here, and we have zero time for playing in the kitchen unless it involves packing. I have also done my best to reduce buying any more food and eat what we have, so we have less to pack and move.

Prior to competing, I used to love fast food and ever since I have sharpened my healthy habits I have a very hard time ordering at restaurants, especially fast food. Not only because I want to know the nutritional content but I want to know WHAT exactly I am eating. Thankfully, My Fitness Pal has come to my rescue in some of these situations. I thought this relationship with food would improve the farther I get from my obsession with having abs, but the more scientific based studies come out on GMO's, synthetic sugars, poorly processed foods, I get anxiety over having to eat out.

So what am I eating this week with out a kitchen?
  • Fruit - apples, oranges, bananas
  • Salads from Chick-fila, Wendy's, and I even gave McDonalds at shot at their new Asian Salad.
  • Celery with peanut butter
  • Evol - frozen meals
  • Almonds
  • Chipotle
  • Sushi from Fresh Market
I ordered pizza for delivery for the first time since freshmen year of college the day we had our friends helping with moving the furniture. I might add it will probably be my last time I order pizza for delivery since we have limited options living away from town. We also had Chickfila (my favorite) when we were really busy with buying and installing blinds for the house, and new home necessities. 

Now that our kitchen was the first thing unpacked and ready to use we are back to meal prepping and cooking dinner/ breakfast. I am very eager to start playing in our new big beautiful kitchen, as well as film/ share some meals and meal prep. I have been terrible tracking my macros over the weekend so I have caved into downloading the My Fitness Pal app on my iPhone and try to log before I eat.  My username is Bikini_Steph, I'd for you to come see what I am eating and be friends in a healthy atmosphere. We are approaching our wedding day soon and it is time to tweak a few things before the big day is here. I will be manipulating my macros this week and begin to drop a few grams every week leading up to the wedding.

Please comment your favorite meals when you are very busy or without a kitchen!

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