Wedding Diet Kick-Off!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Our first week of our wedding diet and preparation for our honeymoon has began. Let's be honest here, anyone wants to look good for their wedding day and honeymoon. Heck, even the guests want to look good. We are 14 weeks away from the day we say I do and our goal is to have steady (NOT aggressive) progress. I welcome anyone to join us on our health fix, not just for any special occasion but also for long term health.

If you are looking into beginning a diet for an event, I recommend starting sooner than later. Allowing a longer period of time for dieting to avoid crash dieting and bloating instantly at your rehearsal dinner by having one bad meal that is polar opposite from how you have been eating. When dieting at a steady pace, you are giving yourself a bigger opportunity to maintain your weight loss achievement. When people go to the extremes with diets, as soon as they stop their diet it is very common to gain even more weight that they had originally began with. That is because crash or extreme diets are very harmful to your metabolism. The more it is manipulated the harder it will be to lose weight the next time you diet.  I'll get more into detail on that later. We will be eating our staples we normally eat when we behave on our diet, and not drastically reduce our calorie intake or totally ignore carbohydrates (aka carbs). That's right we will lose weight and still get carbs.

The rules are to eat things we like and not set limitations for example, no carbs, sodium, or sweets. The goal is to stay sane, not to hate each other while dieting with wedding planning. We are only drinking on the weekend in moderation. We get many of our meal ideas from Fit Men Cook which there is now an app, we are big fans of Kevin! Check out his instagram @fitmencook and website! We have yet to have a bad meal when we follow his recipes. Kyle also bought his book, No Cheats Needed we begin implementing next week. We follow IIFYM also known as If It Fits Your Macros which is a set amount of calories, protein, fat, carbohydrates, and fiber that is a goal for us to hit daily. I track my macros by logging what I eat on my fitness pal after every meal. You can follow me on My Fitness Pal at @Bikini_Steph. If want to know more about IIFYM watch this video:

Our goal is to be active 5 - 6 days of the week, which luckily our activity of choice is golfing. We are not limiting ourselves to only golf since our heart rate doesn't get very elevated for a long period of time. We plan to start running our neighborhood with the dogs, and doing sprints in front of the house for high intensity interval training. On the weekend we have an afternoon by the pool and swim. We are in our final month of our gym membership that we paid in full and then had the closest locations close doors, so we are have been getting creative for workouts. Yep, we won't be renewing our membership. After the cost we have paid up front for a year membership for the two of us, considering the few machines we use (team free weights and power rack), and the gas we use to travel 50 miles round trip, it made more sense to invest in our home. We hope to set up a home gym in our new garage after the wedding, but for the mean time we will use the office gym. I am on a mission to maintain my shape on my lower body for my wedding dress and bikinis. Stay tuned for home gym workouts! I am super excited for the day I can start filming and sharing it on my channel.

 The difference between our bodybuilding diet and our wedding prep is that it is not to be stressful or intense, but to dedicate time together to cook our meals and spend time being active together, rather than being hangry (hungry and angry), or driving each other nuts from being carb deprived. Expect the first week to be difficult. If it were easy, America would be in tip top shape. Share any thoughts or comments and even encourage a friend to join the fun with you for a support! Stay fit and stay sane my friends. Health is not just about being physical but also mental.

Stay tuned for my next wedding diet blog post!! I'd love to hear your questions, or thoughts please comment below or email me



  1. I think I might join you in your wedding prep with my cousins wedding prep. I won't be in the wedding party but it's on the beach and I plan on looking and feeling confident in my bikini and dress. I am 10 weeks out, I am not going for competition lean of course, just better than I look right now. Can't wait to see your updates!

    1. If anyone can do it, you certainly can! Beach Body should have something for brides, if they don't already. It drives me nuts by the amount of brides that will chose those wraps before trying a good line of supplements and healthy diet.


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