Rainy Day Goes Gym Ready

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Enough with all this rain! It sure can put a damper on tee times or a week's worth of runs planned. It is safe to say that I am prepared for whatever the weather may present with back up plans for outdoor fun. I love the gym after a long stressful day to let out my frustration and have me time. When I got dressed in the morning, I knew the only way I was going to go is if I packed a gym bag or wore some of my workout clothes to work.
My coworkers are now prone to know rain is expected when I whip out my Hunter Boots. As I said, I'm keeping it simple by wearing my Lululemon leggings and racerback with a splash of style. I threw on a button up and fun statement piece to make it look less like I'm ready to pump some iron. If I don't have any meetings scheduled I like to dress comfortable since I will be sitting at my desk all day. Who else thinks this way?

Once I left work, got in the gym parking lot, swapped my Hunters for Nikes, removed the necklace and button up, I was ready for leg day!

Outfit details: Top (old from Old Navy) similar J. Crew | Leggings Lululemon | Undershirt/ Gym Top Lululemon  (on sale Lululemon) | Rainboots Hunter | Sneakers Nike | Necklace Kate Spade


  1. I have always wanted a pair of Hunter boots. Yours are super cute.

    1. Hey Clarissa! You are always so kind. Thank you! They were a gift, otherwise I would be super hesitant to buy them. But now that I have them I have gotten every cent worth out of them. We had a decent amount of snow and a ton of rain here.

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