Painless Cardio

Friday, July 10, 2015

If you're like me and hate cardio it is the most dreaded thing to do at the gym or around your neighborhood. It only became painful when I began getting prescribed by my coaches, hours of  cardio for an NPC bikini competition. That was the moment I started to hate it. It was no longer for heart health and as a matter of fact an extreme amount of cardio is NOT  healthy. My muscles ever over exhausted, my joints screamed, my body fat was so low that my body stopped functioning like a normal female.

Well, I have been forcing myself to reignite that spark I once had with cardio. I would like to compare it to couples therapy where issues are worked out to improve the relationship. I accept cardio can be good for you and the heart at a mild to moderate level. I am starting at a very mild level and easing in to at the most running a 5k.

HIIT, also known as high intensity interval training is how I am applying myself to improve this love hate relationship with running, stair master, and arc trainer. The goal is to have a steady heart rate for a certain amount of time then switch on difficult mode to push through a high heart rate.

So you’re probably asking, “How can I do HIIT cardio?” HIIT cardio doesn’t require a gym, although it can be nice if you prefer machines than the outdoors, it’s raining, or weather temperature is too extreme.

Here is an example of my routine: This version can be done outdoors or treadmill.


1.      Stretch! Be sure to point and flex your foot to warm up the most prone area for shin splits.

2.      5 minute warm up. This is without any elevation if I am on a treadmill at a walking pace.

3.      2 minute jog

4.      1 minute walk

5.      1 minute sprint / run

6.      30 second walk

7.      1 minute sprint

8.      30 second walk

9.      2 minute jog

10.  1 minute walk

11.  1 minute sprint

12.  30 second walk

13.  1 minute sprint

14.  30 second walk

15.  1 minute sprint

16.  2 minute cool down – walking slow

I challenge you to try it out this weekend! I’d love to hear how you do! If 20 minutes is too much try it for 15 or 10 minutes.


Happy Friday loves!


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