Our house is completed today!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ahh! Our house 7 months later is completed at the end of today! I may be missing the next week packing and getting everything lined up with my free time. I am also tying up loose ends in wedding planning this week...flowers choices and cake flavors have been the hardest decision to make.

Yesterday we had our initial walk through with the builder and realtor. We reviewed all the features of the house and was shown how to work appliances in the house. We then walked the house with the builder to inspect any flaws, cracks, and scratches. I actually really liked it because I am a very detail person and do not like flaws, the struggles of being a type A personality.  We found a total of four scratches  in cabinets, and the builder found a couple things I wouldn't have caught myself with my lack of house experience.

We did have delays, which I am never okay with even with my projects are work, but I've had to accept that it was out of our control. Weather is going to weather. Although we were forced to accept the delays (not given the option to, nothing verbally agreed on, or in writing.. I recommend getting a lawyer involved if this would be a huge issue if you are moving out of state or in bind with selling your current home). We are happy that nothing was rushed with our deadline to move out of our rental and overall the house has a minimal punch list to get completed before we close.

I find myself late at night dreaming of how to design the house with all the different color options I have been imagining. Then my dreams get caught up with the reality that blinds and a fence come first before any new furniture. The luxury of building a new home is that it doesn't come fully equipped like established homes.

I will recap on the last final weeks in a video soon once we are moved in, and most importantly have internet to make a post. If I could change anything currently, it would be wedding planning and building a house at the same time. I have been overwhelmed by the two huge milestones currently and have found myself at times shutting down and ignoring the two topics until I absolutely have to. Multi-tasking is my strong point and I have picked up in high gear to get my all my action items done before we move in.  I can't believe a week from today we will be closed on the house and packing up our moving truck and kiss renting goodbye.


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