New Home Construction Woes and Woahs

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Allow me to begin by stating, Kyle and I are extremely blessed that we are buying our first home, not only that but building it! It is such a big year for us and we are excited to begin our married life in our new home.  A while ago in this post, I shared the news and some tips on deciding to build or buy. I am making a return in celebration of our anticipated closing day...

Which was a HUGE disappointment. We should be moving in this week and getting ready to host our first party for the 4th of July. When we signed the contract, we noticed some strange verbiage over the amount of days the builder can exceed from our anticipated completion date. Well that verbiage is not defined well whatsoever and it is to cover our builders behind to delay as long as they wish.

We would much rather take the delay than sacrifice quality. As the saying goes, "Good things take time". We were given the news two weeks from our closing date of the delays. It was a big upset since the reason was from the cold weather in March and our realtor failed to mention it to us. We actually found out through our mortgage agent.

Hairflip, and excepting that it is what it is. We got our weekly update call from our realtor and builder, and the news is starting to look on the bright side.

Here is the progress prior to the most recent updates. I will share those in my next video.

If you have any advise on delays, or experience from building your home I'd love to read your comments!!

Stay lovely.

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