Year 1: Living Away From My Hometown

Monday, June 1, 2015

It took 23 years to get me to move away from my hometown in Sarasota FL, and I only did it for love. When I was first presented the opportunity to move to New Jersey with my boyfriend that accepted a job offer, I really had no clue what I was in for. A college senior finishing up my last semester before graduation, I decided to take the rest of my classes online. I packed up my little Mazda2 full with enough room for Zoey, my Australian Cattle Dog, and we were off to Tampa to meet Kyle at the airport and begin our road trip to our new home. Okay, with a planned visit to DC.

Moving out of Florida was exciting and also gave me a lot of anxiety. I only knew Yankees as slow, old, and rude living in the biggest retirement area in Florida. With money saved and interviews lined up we were on our way for our new chapter. My first week in New Jersey, I was addicted to job search engines. My first and only interview was a success and I knew it was the job I wanted most in my line up of interviews. I worked for one of the best plastic surgeons in the New Jersey and New York area. I got to travel everyday for the job, and help people feel better about themselves. Although I lacked the socialite life, friends, and money (because the cost of living was ridiculous), I still felt like I was living a season of Gossip Girl. Literally, it only last three months until Kyle got promoted and we were moved to Arkansas.
Pretty much sums it in cronological order.

When I say Arkansas, I mean Bentonville the home to Walmart Headquarters. Moving took place 4 days after my graduation with my Bachelors of Health Science. In Arkansas, if you want to be successful, it requires a business degree. The bad thing about having a health science degree and 4 years experience as a medical assistant was there are not enough doctors to have a territory for medical sales in the area, the cost of living is lower so I had a few interviews where the offer was too low to accept, and jobs are scarce. I stayed positive and after a few interviews where I denied the offer, I accepted a job as a hospital administrator for a long term care hospital. It just so happened to be part of the corporation I made rounds with the plastic surgeon in New Jersey for wound care. Only 2 months in I met my managers wife, she was looking to fill a position, and my boss knew it was a better path and much bigger opportunity to excel.
The very first Walmart right in my backyard.

After the first day on the job as a Contract Manufacturing Sales Project Administrator on the medical team, I took Kyle out to dinner for his birthday. As we were walking to the restaurant in the Bentonville Square, I found myself looking at Kyle get down on his knee asking to be his wife. What a whirlwind of a day. The next couple of weeks, I was fumbling through my new career path and on lunch breaks flipping through bridal magazines. I decided on a style of dress I had in mind and found sample sale to check out. All by myself, first in line, I was rummaging through dresses where I spotted THE dress. I will touch on the event in a different post. However, with facetime, and texting my mom and maid of honor gave me the green light and I came home with my wedding dress. A few weeks go by and both our parents came to visit for Thanksgiving/ Christmas. When they landed we skipped our route home and took them to a house we had our eyes on that was for sale. That weekend we took them through a few model homes by a builder we liked and they encourage us with the decision to build was best for us.

The last week of the year we made our deposit to begin building, and to this date was are now in the phase of finishing up the drywalls. Update* We are four weeks from closing on our house. To this date I am also wrapping up my wedding vendors to book, with just a makeup artist and florist to book.

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