My Least Favorite Day for the Gym

Monday, June 15, 2015

Is there such thing as a least favorite day at the gym? Of course there is! It goes by the name of Monday. Why don’t I like the gym on Monday you ask? It’s quite simple the crowd. I love people watching, don’t get me wrong. But, the crowd is awful and I find myself wasting more time looking for an open machine or weights than the time it takes me to get a quick circuit in.


Skipping the gym on Monday doesn’t mean it’s your hall pass to Lazy Town. There are alternatives to being active without the gym. Here a list of some gym free options:

1.       Go for a run.

2.       Join a sports league – my fiancé plays softball with other Walmart vendors ( I go as a cheerleader and bring the dogs to walk around the park)

3.       Walk the dogs.

4.       Clean the house.

5.       Mow the yard

6.       Shovel snow.

7.       Meal prep for the week.

8.       When all else fails… SHOP

For rainy Mondays, I challenge my brain. I blog, film or edit YouTube videos, usually cook and clean.

What do you do to stay active when the gym is not an option? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Comment below or email me

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