Will You Be My Bridesmaid? How we asked!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

There are numerous ways you can ask your bridal party to be part of your big day.

1. You could simply ask via phone, text, or even better facetime (I don't recommend texting)
2. You could take your bridal party out to lunch, dinner, drinks to get them all together and ask.
3. You could send them flowers with the note card asking
4. If you live far away or they live far away send a box asking with a small gift. (You can do this even if they live next door!

I was able to get Kyle to give a box to his sister in person and was able to use my original idea and shown in my video. This box would have cost $20 to ship with UPS therefore, I went with flat rate shipping with USPS for $5.95.

Some things I had to consider with shipping
Weight - The more weight the more it costs to ship (Unless you utilize flat rate shipping)
Alcohol - I'll admit it, I am a big champagne lover. Therefore, I really wanted to ship small split size bottles. However, when researching it seemed iffy that it is even legal and my experience with UPS verified it wouldn't have been a good idea. UPS questioned me on every item that was in my boxes that I had wrapped and addressed with my calligraphy skills I have picked up on. They wanted to charge $18 for 1 box that weighed 5 ounces. For a box shipping to Hawaii with the same weight, they were asking $50 both would take 7 days to ship. I came to the conclusion that UPS was not the route for me use for shipping.

The best method for shipping,FLAT RATE! I used USPS, all boxes we supplied by USPS, they didn't question what was inside, they got it there in 2 days including the box to Hawaii, and the best part is they all cost me $5.95 I was able to track the packages and once the screen showed delivered I told my girls to go check their mailbox!

Ideas for gifts A majority of bridesmaid boxes I looked up on pinterest, youtube and blogs all shared 1 thing in common, RING POPS! Which was the hardest thing to find. A couple girls stated they found a pack at Target, which was the place with no luck. However, I did find them at the Dollar Tree, and Walmart in the checkout lane on the bottom row.

Make up! Utilize the travel size cosmetics near the check out at Ulta or Sephora. Keep in mind of what is most commonly used amongst your girls, or if they occasionally wear any at all. All of my girls wear at least mascara so I purchased a deluxe travel set by Buxom with a mascara and eyeliner for the girls who wear exactly that. For the ladies who religiously wear more make up, I got a deluxe travel size Better Than Sex mascara, and Eyeshadow Insurance by Too Faced.

I have seen at the local paperie shop that there are cards asking to be in your bridal party but I thought of making it a little more fun by purchasing spools in the Hobby Lobby scrapbook section and wrapping ribbon around it and using a fine tip Sharpie asking "Will you be my bridesmaid?" I did try to incorporate the considered (not firm at this moment) wedding colors gold and blush by spray painting the spools with gold foil Krylon spray paint. The ribbon color I chose was a light pink.

One idea that I've seen that was really cool was putting a piece of paper asking inside a balloon and inflating it and taping a safety pin to it with a note that says pop me. Now, when I thought about that and shipping flat rate for a box to fit that plus the other gifts would cost around $13 dollar per box which absorbed more of the budget than the $6 small box that had just enough room for the gifts and the perfect amount of confetti paper to pack the box tight in case of any damages.

As my final note
The bridesmaid box is to be a nice gesture, not one to be over the top. Save the nice gifts for the wedding. If you want to see them open the box via facetime than I suggest writing on the box. Facetime me before opening. I did not do this and although everyone either snap chatted accepting, text with photo, or posting the exciting news on facebook it wasn't as intimate as seeing it first hand, which is the one thing that makes planning a wedding far away difficult.

How Do I Get My Groom Involved With Wedding Planning

Monday, February 9, 2015

I hear every bride saying, “I wish my groom would get involved”, “ I wish he would share his thoughts”, or “My groom doesn’t care what I do, he told me it’s my show”. I may not have the power to answer bride’s prayers but I can supply some tips on how to get the groom of yours more involved. I may not have had my wedding yet and not even half way there but I have heard these comments from friends and I knew I didn’t want to be saying the same thing. From the very beginning of the process I have included my fiancĂ© in the process.

Let’s all say this together, it is OUR day, not just my day. This means both parties put in the work just like a marriage. If you plan on having an awesome wedding by all means you must be awesome together as team when it comes to planning YOUR wedding day!

Wedding Planner

The very first thing we did after we informed our families, and agreed to make it Facebook official (Yes, I am marrying a Facebook queen) was to get to the store to buy a binder, scrapbook paper, and tab dividers. Following that errand, we stopped at Barnes and Noble and picked up the sought after Southern Weddings Magazine and The Knots Wedding Checklist Book.

See my DIY Wedding Planner Video:

Once you have the wedding planner created how you would like. Leave it out in the open so it is in sight in mind! Ours is on our coffee table. We review our checklist every two weeks or so to ensure we are on track and allowing ourselves plenty of time to get things done.

Print It Out

As you start to get quotes from venues print it out and add it to the book. On the print out you both can make notes of what you like and don’t like. This is helpful to make your final decision on a lot of things. Our venue is a one stop shop, we have having the ceremony, reception, catering, and bartending all in one place. I have printed out the menus, drink menus, anything with price quotes, etc.


A lot of inquiries with wedding vendors have been initiated with email. Some vendors are awesome at email, others need to take a class on etiquette. Yes, I said it. The more creative vendors aren’t great at following up or a phone conversation to drive the tone of an email a lot better. Therefore, we keep each other copied on emails. If the vendor is wise enough to see this, they will reply all so we can both be informed.



It may be interesting to your groom, how the Pinterest app has made it to his iPad or Smartphone but he will be glad you did.. even if it takes some convincing. Kyle has benefited from it a long time ago, when we first started dating I put it on his iPad during football season so I had something to keep me busy and had my account logged in. For Holidays and birthdays he used it to his advantage for gift ideas and to see things that I like in this make-believe cyber world. It now comes handy for wedding ideas, budget plans, printable checklists, groomsmen outfits, wedding colors, and bachelor party ideas.  You can share your styles and ideas to collaborate your own ideas.


I wish I could talk more about doing pinterest projects but I’ll save that for later when we actually begin that process. There are some projects that I have put my groom responsible for since we aren’t hiring a wedding planner, and felt like it’s not a difficult task that would need so much of my attention. Kyle initiated his own project with getting his guests addresses and adding them to a spread sheet. Kyle is also a human calculator and much better at spreadsheets and formulas so he also took the initiative to figure out of budget and we both keep track of receipts when we make payments and record the expense. The one thing I did request he helped me with was finding a DJ and entertainment. He has many friends that are DJ’s which has been helpful and made it easy for him.
Good luck fellow brides. Please feel free to share any addition tips, or your experiences with getting your groom involved.
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