How To Take Your Own Engagement Photos

Monday, January 26, 2015

Kyle and I had the option to fly to Florida for an engagement photo session which would cost over $800 for flights, so we substituted the packaged to have the photobooth which has been featured on E! Total Divas wedding. We had to come up with a more affordable option considering our wedding is in October and we just started to build a house. I looked around in Arkansas, the photographers that met my difficult criteria we a.too expensive or b.horrible at communicating. Our solution was to use my YouTuber, photography classes in college and apply them to a DIY project.

Things you will need:

1. A good quality camera! I have a Nikon D5100 it's a DSLR which has a screen that flips out. If you don't have one see if you can borrow a friends! My point a shoot camera can not get the quality that my DSLR has.

2. A fully charged battery.

3. A memory card with plenty of memory.

4. Knowledge of settings, I should have done a little more on.

5. Practice running. Im just kidding, but who ever will be hitting the self timer button and capture button will need to be prepared to run. Please note if wearing heels make sure your fiancé can take on the responsibility and understand the camera.

6. Patience

7. Some time to look at ideas for posing. My favorite tool is pinterest. You could also study your favorite photographers portfolio that you wish you could afford and take some ideas for posing.

8. 2-3 outfits that color coordinate with each other.

9. For the ladies, if you are going to do your own make up please be sure you are fully confident in doing so. Considering if you aren't an editing professional, photoshopping might not correct what is captured. You have some best friends at ulta, sephora, or MAC that would all love to help you and Im sure you can use the visit to learn some tricks for pre-wedding events leading up to the big day or make up for the big day.
10. Don't forget to iron your clothes!
11. Pick out 2 - 3 destinations. I have seen a lot of field engagement shots. I think something you both like doing is a great idea. Weather you love to get coffee together, get ice cream (those were the most practical that still got the shots that are engagement style) We went for a more upscale architectural background and in Arkansas there are plenty of hay barrels. Which were in front of the art museum.

12. Last but not least a TRIPOD!

optional - I am very pale so I slabbed on some self tanner. My favorite is St. Tropez bronzing foam.
optional - a remote instead of running to hit the capture self timer button.

At the photo shoot:

I had Kyle stand in the first location about 10 feet away from my camera, then I set up the settings, position, and took a couple practice shots (which now is his Facebook profile photo). I hit the self timer button, then capture, and darted to him. The first couple shots were okay. If you both can't do the cutesey stuff don't sweat it.
We did some serious, smiley, kissy, and my favorite having Kyle use one of his best traits, humor to bring out our personalities. Action shots can be great but I advise to record some footage. We danced in the field of hay barrels and then when we got home and I played the video on Iphoto I took a screen shot.
For editing I used and honestly just brightened the photo a little since we took our photos during the "golden hour".

You can then head over to your wedding website and upload them then create your save the dates which I recommend doing in that exact order so you can include your wedding website to share details on the wedding, engagement photos, how you met and registry.

Good luck you brave Brides and Grooms!


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Sunday, January 25, 2015

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