Wednesday, February 2, 2011

this is right before Halloween. This is what my competition suit looks like.
My hair is different and so is my body. & I am in desperate need of a tan!

HELLLOOOOO everyone!

So I've decided that it could be beneficial to those of you who are interested in my journey to competing in the NPC Bikini Competition at the 2011 Jax Physique Show in FL. I have never been so excited or pushed my self as hard as I have been and about to be with in the remaining 7.5 weeks until Im on stage proving hard works pay off.

I don't expect to win for this being my first show & I under stand it is a learning experience.
I have began my diet. Its not to lose weight but limit bad foods that I have been eating and make me even more dedicated to my goal. I would love to eventually get my IFBB Bikini Pro card but for now competing and just dipping my feet in the water is fine with me.

I have my diet in line & I am currently filming the next couple days to give you an idea what I eat through out the day and when and what not. It is extremely hard to manage my time with my diet since I am going to school 16 hours a week, and work at a nice restaurant 5 days of the week leaving me only limited time to study eat work out and have me time.

I have moved out of my parent so living on my own and managing my house is always top priority but it's nice that I can wake up and Im not fighting over who uses the treadmill early in the morning since I have 3 cardio machines within a 1 minute walk to the clubhouse if the treadmill or elliptical are occupied I can always go back to my apartment grab my bike or just go run the humongous park across the street. It's right on the water so I like to settle for that when I do have the time.

The best motivation for me right now is compare myself to the pro's compare diets, work outs, and Im beginning to have the urge to buy a new bikini for competition! I have one but maybe I can get you guys' advice on if i should add anything to it or keep it how it is.

My favorite IFBB Pro Bikini is Alison Rosen, I admire her physique and dedication to the sport. She is highly motivating and also very kind. In the morning while I'm checking my twitter I always like to visit her page and see early morning cardio to remind myself that hard work pays off even if it is at 6 am and that's the only time I have. She can do it, So can I.

I welcome you to join me get some Tupperware or dumbbell's and follow / or support me through this amazing journey I would like to call the road to bikini competing. :)

xo love Stephanie


  1. wow you go girl!
    that takes dedication and discipline
    great job!
    i hope to one day do my own competition
    i'd be soo nervous tho lol i get stage fright

  2. Im sure Ill get stage fright but Im preparing myself with positive energy and a does of confidence everyday with my breakfast. Its a goal of mine to become pro but it's really about having fun.


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