Sunday, February 20, 2011


8am. 3 lipo 6 black hers (fat burner)

9am. 3 egg whites
10am. focus formula ( vitamin)
12pm. 5oz can tuna
2/3 cup asparagus
1/2 sweet potato
230pm.3 lipo 6 black hers
345pm.1/2 grapefruit
630pm.1 chicken breast
7pm. 1 scoop NO Vapor (preworkout)
720pm.2 scoop Celltech
9pm. 2.5 thin chicken breast
3 tbls garden veg. rice
11pm. peanut butter & light jelly on wheat bread
1/2 cup spinach leaves

730am. 3 lipo 6 black hers
8am. 1/2 cup oatmeal
3 egg whites
920am. 1/2 grapefruit
930am. zucchini & brocoli 1 cup each
6oz. steak
12pm. 2/3 cup chicken
3tbls brown rice
1 apple
245pm. go gurt
330pm. 5oz. can tuna
3tbls brown rice
1/2 grape fruit
8pm - 2/3 cup ground turkey
1/2 sweet potato
10pm- 3 celery sticks with peanut butter & raisins
1 scoop myofusion (protein shake)


  1. Great diet!
    I hope to be able to stay on this strict of a diet when I cut down!
    Do you ever have snacks during the week or slip up and if you do what do you do to make up for it?
    I'm having trouble cutting back on the snacks i have a sweet tooth. And do you ever incorporate cottage cheese in your diet as well? Thanks!

  2. great diet! very well balanced. would love to read more tips, and how did you come up with this plan?

  3. i have a question- i thought it was bad to eat pass 8pm?

  4. PB & J - I have cheat meals here & there. When I have a sweet tooth I try to have fruit like watermelon or grapes that are naturally sweet.

    Gabrielle - I have compared what the IFBB pro bikini girls eat for their diets and compared what food intake would work best with my body

    Anonymous - I have a fast metabolism and with my job I have no choice but to eat after 8pm since Im not usually off until 10.

  5. I love your videos and blogs! They really inspire me! I just have a question, I want to start taking a fat burner but never have before. I saw your review on the beHOT pack, did it end up working well for you? I've read good reviews on the Lipo 6 Black-Hers too but I'm just afraid it'll be too intense for me being a first timer. Also, with either one is there a certain diet you should follow? And do you take it before a workout or like in the morning or something? Sorry for all the questions, but I'm hoping you can help me out :)

  6. Hi! :)
    I can see these posts are a little bit old, but I like your blog. I would like to ask you an advice about my diet, I am doing fitness too, but this year my body don´t wanna work properly... and I need someone to share my problems and goals and success also :) I hope you are on fitness lifestyle till now. Best wishes, my email is iwike87@gmail.com. I will be very happy to hear from you... :)

    train hard, stay positive and win the day ;-) I love bombshells too ;-)


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